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Raven's Caws

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Inverted Raven
22 December
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This is mostly just for my fanfiction. :) So far I'm just writing for Hiyori and Shinji, and I'm working on my first collection for them. A four piece bit of short fics for them, none truly interconnected with the other, but all sharing a theme. I call it my Reflections collection. :p

I don't know if I'll branch into other pairings or if I'll get into anything more mature than what I put down in these pieces, but we'll see how things go. I love Hiyori and Shinji and I love them as a pairing and I just think that there needs to be more in the way of fanfiction for these two.

My current user pic is by Wakurama, which I simply jacked from Photobucket. However, if the original artist does happen to see it and wants me to take it down, I will. It is a beautiful picture, though, and I absolutely love it. I put in the comments part of the pic itself when I uploaded it that it was by Wakurama, as well. I don't want to take credit for something I did not do. :p

As of right now, I have no reason to F-lock my journal. But, I will if I have to. :/